I use to get bored when doing exercise in the gym. So I created this track in Soundcamp with the Looper add-on so I can relax and enjoy my workout longer. Hope you like it. Send me your comments.


This track I created with Soundcamp and its integrated Looper.


Heat of the Night

This track I used the basics drums of Soundcamp, plus a new instrument named ThumbJam. This app takes music creation in smartphones to the next level. It is also helping me finally understand the musical keys.

The Forbidden Files by Jean-Teddy Filippe

I watched this show in a mexican public television channel when I was 14. It impacted me. I was looking for it for a while in the www but then I stopped searching for it. Some weeks ago I remembered about this and gave it another try... and found it in youtube. It had not the same impact as when I was young, mostly because HD. The effects that Filippe did in his original master piece were done for old PAL TV resolution. Now with HD you can see clearly that everything is a trick (not that you suspected that since the beginning, but at least you were not 100% sure).


Updated to latest Drupal

Finally (after like 2 years) I did necesary changes to upgrade to latest (and more secure) version of Drupal.

This was not transparent, I had to do a lot of stuff to make it work (after the site, even the Dashboard, went down).

But we're back and we're updated.


Disabled user account request

Sorry, but I'm disabling user account request for the increased spam in the last weeks.

Added Facebook Like Button

I'm on rush!! You can now "like" in fb your favorites articles.

About the module:


Added Google +1 module

I've just enabled the Google +1 module. You will be able to +1 the content you like most and want to share with others.

About the module:




This site is my way to organize my ideas and for quickly sharing what I'm doing with friends and colleagues.




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