Elecciones en San Luis 1990-2003

My friend Rubén Castillo and his company Ittac Multimedia, invited me to collaborate in this project. This SW is basically an EIS with voting historic information in San Luis Potosi state.

It was developed in Flash, PHP and MySQL.

References to this project only include as authors two Social Science Academics, but this guys only get some info that was available for all public from the voting authorities and gave all this info to me in excel sheets (they argued it was a database lol). I had to give structure to all this almost-raw data in the shape of MySQL database. The rest was creating PHP scripts and reading all data from ActionScript and presenting everything as Flash objects. The part of drawing and design, and also some programming, was done by Rubén.

The collaboration we had from El Colegio de San Luis was of course economic, and from social academics was more like intense comments like: move this to the right, I don't like this color, Oh we gave you the wrong data, you need to change all these records. This is the reason, after this project, I lost all my willing of working with non-technical guys again.

You can buy this non-web application, all done in all-web technologies from here.

The idea was that after some selling of the CD they would publish all this public information in the web. They hadn't done it yet. Shame on them (they work with public funds).

I will add the MySQL database later :D