Spicy Green Omelet.

This is something I did for breakfast two days ago and it tasted very good. It could stand my hunger until noon smiley. Also I had some strong flavored ingredients in high quantities that I wanted to prepare in some way I didn´t had to taste them in all their flavor (kimchi and dandelion leaves)

You will require

  • Some dandelion leaves (disinfect and remove tails, I mean, lower stem)
  • Some napa kimchi.
  • Three eggs (I rather use free-range eggs).
  • some salt & pepper (organic sea salt is good wink)
  • Vat cultivated butter (or your favourite cooking oil)
  • a regular blender.


  1. put everything in the blender and mix for some seconds. Adjust velocity and time depending on the texture you want on your omelet. I use only like ten seconds in medium-low speed so there still pieces of vegetables and not all is liquified).
  • Note for beginners: You need to crack the eggs and extract it contents. Do not use the shells. You may use the shells in your compost, they are good source of calcium.
  • Note for gourmets: You may use quail eggs.
  1. Put the fire to medium in a pan, add butter and let it to melt. Once it is liquid add some mix to the pan. When the mix is in it, put the fire to 3/4. More about omelet cooking techniques here.
  2. Serve with orange juice. You may add some chia seeds to the juice, it´s awesome.